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DISCLAIMER (12/7/2012)

2012 numbers cannot be compared to 2013 numbers.

This is due to a discrepancy in how drops were handled (“drops” refers to drops without penalty).

The 2012 enrollment counts are artificially low because all drops were retroactively "netted out," even those drops which occurred later in December or January. In other words, those registrations which eventually became dropped enrollments never appear in the 2012 data.

By comparison, the 2013 registration numbers are artificially high due to the inclusion of all registrations – even those which later result in a drop. The 2013 drops are reflected as they occur; however, the initial, associated registrations are not retroactively removed.

This affects all numbers contained in this Daily Enrollment module: headcount, enrollment, and FTES.

The discrepancy occurred following a recent local hard drive failure which resulted in a loss of historical “snapshots” of enrollment-to-date. We attempted to reconstruct the 2012 data using Banner table SFRSTCR; however, in SFRSTCR the date associated with the registration is overwritten if a subsequent drop occurs. As we now know, this reconstruction of the 2012 data is inadequate for comparing to 2013. A separate Banner table retains the audit trail history, but initial estimates are that it would be exceedingly time consuming to reconstruct this module from that table. Alternatives are under discussion.

In the meantime, the College is relying on historical Banner reports kept by A&R which provide comparisons of 2012 to 2013 at the college-wide level. Please note that the 2013 enrollment numbers from A&R correspond to the 2013 numbers in this Daily Enrollment module. It is the 2012 numbers which differ for the reasons described above.

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