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Procedures for MIS Reporting Project
(Updated 11/15/2012)

California Community College Chancellor's Office MIS Submission Timeline
  City College of San Francisco MIS Calendar
  Data manager assignments for MIS files
  SunGard Banner 8 Cal B Documentation
  MIS Data Element Dictionary
  User's Manual: District Data Submissions
  Data Element Dictionary Edit Error Reference Guide (New)
   CCSF Procedural Materials for MIS (12/13/2011)
  List of data elements for MIS files
MIS data source from CCSF Banner database
320 Report procedure
Quick guide to Banner 8 MIS (CB)
Catalog Office Documentation - Programs - 2011-06-30
Catalog Office Documentation - Courses - 2011-06-30
Catalog Office Documentation - Courses - 2011-06-30
College Calendar (CC)
  Employee Demographic (EB)
  Employee Assignment (EJ)
 *  Student Assessment (SA) - in progress
Student basic (SB)
Board Financial Assistance Program funding (SC & CW)
CalWORKs funding formula (SC & CW)
DSPS allocation & calculation (SD)
Basic DSPS MIS reporting process (SD)
  Student EOPS (SE)
 *  Student Financial Aid (SF and FA) - in progress
Matriculation funding data elements (SM)
CCSF Banner code and procedure for Matriculation data elements (SM)
Student program award (SP)
Specifications for Perkins funding (SV)
Student enrollment (SX)
Assignment (XE) / Section (XB) / Session (XF)
Office of Instruction Function Report
Office of Instruction Hourly Assignment procedure
  Click here for archived flow charts for MIS files (4/15/2008)
 CCCCO MIS Webinars for Categorically Funded Programs
  MIS CalWORKS Webinar (MS PowerPoint)
MIS DSPS Webinar (MS PowerPoint)
MIS EOPS Webinar (MS PowerPoint)
MIS Matriculation Webinar (MS PowerPoint)
   CCCCO-generated MIS Analysis Reports for CCSF
  Fall 2012 Staffing Report (pdf)
Fall 2012 Full-Time Summary (pdf)
MIS Analysis Reports Fall 2009 - Spring 2013