City College of San Francisco
Student Opinion Survey

      Please take a few minutes to respond to the following questions as honestly and completely as possible.
      Your perspective and insights about CCSF are valuable to the College.

      SECTION I - Overall Experience
1. How successful have you been so far achieving 
     at CCSF what you wanted to do at CCSF?

     Completely successful
     Somewhat successful
     Not very successful
     Not at all successful
2. Would you recommend CCSF to a friend?
    Yes          No          Unsure

3. Do you plan to attend CCSF in the future?
    Yes          No          Unsure
  4. Have any of the following affected your studies while at CCSF?  (check all that apply)
       Work schedule conflict Financial difficulties
       Physical problems/illness Other personal or family changes/problems (marriage, pregnancy, change of residence, etc.)
       Other, Explain:
  5. I feel a sense of belonging at the campus I attend. Yes  No  
  6. Students at CCSF show respect for one another. Yes  No  
  7. Faculty at CCSF are supportive of me.  Yes No  
  8. Staff at CCSF are supportive of me.  Yes No  
  9. Administrators at CCSF are supportive of me.  Yes No Not Applicable

Please evaluate CCSF Instruction

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